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My Shoots

Here are some of my favorite shoots from over the years. I try to experiment with different styles, techniques, and subjects, as illustrated on this page.  Feel free to click on the thumbnail images for the whole collection!


A Study of Boston

Architecture photography is one of my more recent interests. Over the years I've been trying to develop a sense for how to distill spaces-- or parts of spaces-- into its smaller details! 

Tintern Abbey

Tintern Abbey is an old abbey in Wales that has been overrun with nature. By the river Wye, the surrounding area is gorgeous, and I wanted to focus on how it interacts with that nature.


School Spirit

This is a collection of photos I took in my High School a few years ago. I wanted to communicate the energetic, tumultuous nature of those halls I was so familiar with, so I turned to dramatizing the colors!

Foray into Long Exposure

I fell in love with long exposure-- namely the practice of "light painting"-- as soon as I understood how to manipulate shutter speed. I used to practice in my own basement all the time. 


A Cozy Interior

There's something about darker interiors-- what little light there is bouncing on reflective surfaces, the dark cuts of shadows, and the ambiguity of forms-- that I find so interesting. 

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